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When will the Poppy Flowers Pop?

By May 30, 2019 December 14th, 2019 2 Comments

We go live with the garden at Astley Old Vicarage in 2 days when we open under the National Garden Scheme . We’ll welcome friends and visitors, old and new, to look around the garden, smell the flowers, have tea and cake and buy a plant or two. Now we’re panicking….

We chose the 1st of June on the basis that the flowers we thought would have burst onto the scene would have done so by now. But this year, the seasons seem to be a couple of weeks late. Our central characters, the flowers, have delayed their grand entrance. One of the sketches of our poppies I did a few years ago was made on the 1st of June. The other, though, appears to be much later in the month and now we’re worried.

With just a couple of days to go we need some of the top performers to pop into bloom, light the lights and display their full colour.

The stage is set

The wire figures and wildlife are looking on expectantly at what is still a very verdant green garden. Just a few early-birds have arrived at the party, on time, to sprinkle some ‘Disney dust’ on the proceedings. The music has definitely started but it’s a bit too low key and we’re not exactly dancing yet.

The bees are ready to buzz so, as Delia Smith once, famously, said: “LET’S BE HAVING YOU” !

So, come on you big blooming scarlet red, blousy poppies. Step forward you spear-carrying, deep purple, foxgloves. Let’s pump up the volume and get this party started. You can be stars on Top of the Pops by Saturday. Get the wire figures up and dancing on your floral dance floor.


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  • Sandra Grey says:

    Thankyou for a great blog, we love the history of your very beautiful home, and we admire hugely your lovely garden which we saw when we attended this weekend.

    I attended your NGS opening last year and not only loved your garden but also your beautiful sculptures and it was a joy to see all again.


  • Neil Kinsella says:

    Hi Sandra

    Many thanks for your lovely comments. It’s great to hear you like what we’re doing.

    See you next year!

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