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My Artful Gardener shop shows the wire figures and other items available for you to buy. Everything is handmade and each Wire Figure is unique. Own your own piece of garden art and get your neighbours talking!

Items in Stock

If the item you want to purchase is in stock, we’ll contact you to arrange delivery. Delivery usually takes around 1 week depending on where you live. As each item is a different shape, size and weight, the prices shown exclude delivery. At the Artful Gardener Shop we want to make certain your unique piece arrives safely and ready for display.


If you would like to commission your own wire figure, we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements. Each commission is unique and comes with its own complexities. To give you an idea, and going on our own experience, we’d expect to complete each Wire Figure in approximately 4 weeks and allow 1 more for delivery. However, until we’ve discussed your specific requirements in detail, we’re sorry but we’re unable to commit to a precise date.

For an idea of the type of Wire Figure we can create please look at our Wire Figures page.

Commission Pricing

Although each commission is unique, we know it’s helpful to have an indication of the likely cost of a Wire Figure.

The Wire Figure Flute Player is half scale (half life size) and has additional detail such as his flute and coat. He is 90cm tall (excluding his base) and weighs approximately 3.5kg. Similar figures to him would be similar in price (approximately £550 to £600).

The Fairy with Dandelion is approximately 30cm tall and is £500. Fairies or other figures by themselves, without dandelions, coats, flutes or other details, would be around £350 to £400.