An Artful Gardener Steel sculpture flying Owl Claire Biggar
An Artful Gardener sheet metal sculptures owl wing colour Claire Biggar

Sheet Metal Sculptures

Sheet metal sculptures have incredible impact wherever they appear.

Clitheroe’s Claire Biggar is a favourite artist of ours and an inspiration. Her ‘Owl’ featured here is one of the few sculptures we’ve bought. Such was its impact when we first saw it!

Each one of our sculptures has its own raw uniqueness and, whilst we wouldn’t compare ours to Claire’s, is individually handmade from sheet metal. No two are the same, crafted to survive the hardiest of winters and designed to age with your garden.

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Value For Money

We believe in creating affordable items of beauty for the garden. To help us achieve this, we only sell our sculptures to our customers directly which reduces our overheads and the cost to you.

Long Lasting

We use durable, hard wearing sheet metal to ensure your garden sculpture will remain looking as good in years to come.

Your Own Unique Piece of Garden Art

There's nothing worse than investing in a centre piece for your home or garden to discover everyone in your neighbourhood has one. At An Artful Gardener no two sculptures are ever the same. We don't use moulds or casts, everything is hand crafted so you can be confident you own an original.
Our designs include:


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