Wire Figures

– ‘Talking Points’ In Your Garden

We wanted to create 'talking points' throughout our garden.

Moments when friends would stop and see something unusual hidden amongst the trees or the plants and flowers.

Frustrations and Inspirations

Our trips to garden centres were frustrating though. Nothing really stood out and captured our imagination and everything felt mass-produced.

When we looked at more unique items, however, we quickly realised our budget couldn’t stretch that far!

Coming across artists such as Emma Jane Rushworth and Robin Wight was inspirational and made us appreciate that there were alternatives. We could create ‘garden art’ ourselves.

Wire figures could be some of our ‘talking points’.

Why Own A Wire Figure?

What Materials Do I Use?

Wire to form the Figure

As a creative material, wire offers more flexibility than others, giving you the freedom to create whatever your mind can dream up! I use wire to form the shape and features of each figure as it naturally lends itself to depicting flowing movement. While at the same time, it can be detailed enough to create fingers, hands and feet. It also provides the durability that’s required for an item that lives outside.

Each one of my wire figures is individually handmade from wire but requires a strong core to support its appearance.

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Wire Figures – A Skeleton of Steel

This strong core or ‘skeleton’ is essential to allow each figure to be self-supporting. I use 10mm mild steel rods welded together to form the skeleton and solder the wire to this skeleton to form the figure. I then extend the skeleton and attach it to a base. This supports the whole figure and gives it its stability. How the figure will be displayed and whether it’s expected to be moved will determine the base material. Typically I’ll use wood, concrete or stone.

This approach makes each one unique and crafted to survive the hardiest of winters and designed to age with your garden. Wire Figures currently available include this Flute Player.

Why not invest in your own ‘talking point’ today?

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A free- spirited
From A
Bygone Era
- Wire Figure
Flute Player

Serenely watching
the world
go by
- Wire Figure
Woman with