An Artful Gardener…

…is the place to find handmade authentic sculpture, art and structures for the garden to suit all pockets.


It is the fruit of our frustrations as we restored our old house and gardens. We couldn’t find original art, sculptures and structures we liked and could afford. In the end, we made many ourselves.


Then friends started asking where did you get those from?

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Individually handmade, each piece is different. You own the only one.

Long Lasting

We use industrial grade materials to ensure your piece outlasts the hardiest of weathers

Your Own Garden Art

A focus and talking point for your garden. Be the envy of your neighbours.

Value For Money

Our relationship is with you. No intermediaries to add additional costs.

Transform Your Garden With An Artful Gardener

An Artful Gardener will help you transform your garden with affordable, unique sculptures and handmade crafted structures. Our aim is to be for you what was missing for us.

A place for garden art and practical structures which are durable, repairable and can be recycled. Not the humdrum, mass-produced or plastic-coated items you'll often find.

Create, collect and curate are our watchwords and we have an ecletic mix of garden rustic 'stuff'. It's all 'no-nonsense' or it simply doesn't get in.

We make stainless-steel wire figures and sheet-metal sculptures for our own delight or your commission.

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If you need chunky, steel garden structures and plant supports, we make those too, in standard sizes or on a made-to-order basis.

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An Artful Gardener – Our Experiences Shared

We also share our own experiences at An Artful Gardener (our disasters as well as our triumphs) as we try to create an inspirational sculpture garden at Astley Old Vicarage. This grade 2* listed building is rich in history and friendly ghost stories and sits centrally in the Astley Conservation Area in Lancashire.

Our blogs tell the story of the Old Vicarage, the restoration challenges we've faced and some of the more interesting aspects of gardening throughout the year!

You can visit the garden by appointment too and say hello and take a look around.

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Sheet Metal Sculptures

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Plant Supports

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